Trust our expertise in the Abrasive industry for superior Kiln Designs

NUTEC Bickley and the Abrasives Industry

At NUTEC Bickley, we have vast know-how in designing and manufacturing industrial kilns for ceramics and advanced materials, such as tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns and Carbell® kilns for the Abrasives industry.

Our kilns use the latest ECOmbustion™ and control technology to fire abrasive wheels with optimal temperature uniformity and atmosphere conditions to ensure consistent products with uniform porosity. Special attention is paid to the cycle segments where binders and pore inducers are burnt out.

The world of firing abrasives as we know it today would not be the same without all the technological kiln developments implemented by NUTEC Bickley over the years. If we go back in history, we can see that all of the modern kilns we encounter in the abrasives industry include many of the features that were originally developed by NUTEC Bickley.

With over 45 years’ experience, including recent installations, NUTEC Bickley has demonstrated wide knowledge and experience firing abrasives. The kilns can be fitted with thermal oxidizers or post-exhaust cleaning systems to protect the environment.

Key Features

Excellent temperature uniformity

Ecombustion control system

Fiber-lined sections using our patented Jointless® system (completely free of joints; reduced maintenance and shrinkage), or brick-lined kilns with interlocking bricks

SCADA systems for ease of operation and product quality management

Integrated car handling systems

Power failure protection system

Energy recovery systems to ensure the lowest fuel consumption


Firing/Calcining: High-temperature heating is used to force chemical reactions to form stable ceramic bonds within the abrasive wheels. We supply kilns for clay bonded and silicon carbide bonded wheels. If temperatures and conditions are uniform, then the fired product will be very consistent and have tight size porosity tolerances.



With our SCADA systems, kilns operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


NUTEC Bickley’s unique firing and cooling pulsing control system provides a perfect solution in relation to temperature uniformity as well as fuel efficiency.