Custom Shuttle Kilns designed for unique applications

NUTEC Bickley Shuttle Kilns

NUTEC Bickley’s Shuttle Kilns are an ideal solution for batch firing in the ceramic industry. Also referred to as batch, periodic or intermittent kilns, they use kiln cars to carry the product in and out of the kiln when the kiln is cool through one or 2 doors.

Once loaded, the Shuttle Kiln is started and it goes up to top temperature and down again following a set cycle automatically. Burners and control zones are located to give uniform firing conditions to all of the product.

At the end of the cycle the doors are opened and the kiln cars are removed. Often another set of kiln cars are loaded ready to put into the kiln and the process is repeated.

NUTEC Bickley designs and fabricates the best Shuttle Kilns in terms of performance and reliability in order to meet your precise needs. Multi-kiln arrangements with automatic car handling systems are also available.

Shuttle Kiln for Sanitaryware - First & Second Fire

Shuttle Kiln for Sanitaryware - First & Second Fire

Shuttle Kiln for Fused Silica

Shuttle Kiln for Fused Silica

Shuttle Kiln for Fused Silica

Shuttle Kiln for Sanitaryware - First & Second Fire

Shuttle Kiln for Sanitaryware - First & Second Fire

Shuttle Kiln for Continuous Casting refractories

General Specifications

  • Dimensions

    1m³ to 500m³ (35ft³ to 17,650ft³)

  • Temperature

    Up to 1,800°C (3,270°F)

  • Insulation

    Fiber construction up to 1,600°C (2,900°F), insulating refractories up to 1,800°C (3,270°F)

  • Power Source

    Natural gas, LPG, diesel, kerosene, other liquid fuels. Electric configurations available

Key Differentiators

Flexibility: Only fire them when capacity dictates, compared to a continuous kiln.

Versatility: Integrated Multi-Zone Pulsing System (IMPS™) or volume flow control.

Energy Recovery System: Preheated combustion air up to 425°C (800°F) or self-recuperative burners with preheated air up to 700°C (1,290°F).

Scalability: Lower initial capital cost, can be increased step by step.

Small Footprint: Reduced space requirements.

Adaptability: Capable of firing different cycles: i.e. first fire and re-fire in same shuttle kiln.

Ease of Use: Automated transfer cars and loading systems make handling possible.

Productivity: Multiple kilns can be linked together with handling to achieve semi continuous production.

Sustainability: Atmospheric control available.



With our SCADA systems, kilns operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


NUTEC Bickley’s proprietary ECOmbustion™ system is an innovative control methodology designed to achieve fuel savings in gas-fired kilns, bringing operating costs down and reducing carbon footprint.

Jointless® Insulation

NUTEC Bickley’s patented ceramic fiber Jointless® modules provides for minimal maintenance, enhanced fuel economy and extended service life.

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