Highly specialized Kilns and Industrial Furnaces

What We Do

Kilns for Ceramics and Advanced Materials

NUTEC Bickley offers industrial kilns with the best performance for firing refractories, technical ceramics, sanitaryware, electrical insulators, clay pipe and abrasives.

Furnaces for Metals

NUTEC Bickley’s industrial furnaces feature the best technology in insulation systems, combustion equipment, instrumentation & controls, and heat recovery systems.

Ovens and Dryers

NUTEC Bickley offers ovens and dryers in continuous or batch processes, with a tight temperature uniformity and custom airflow patterns to suit the product’s needs.

Combustion & Control Systems

NUTEC Bickley offers custom solutions to improve process efficiency, safety standards and to reduce the levels of fuel consumption and emissions of your kilns and furnaces.

Fabrication & Installation Services

NUTEC Bickley offers subcontract work for the fabrication, installation and pre-assembly heat treatment equipment in Mexico and North America, assisting in a wide range of projects.

Thermal Oxidizers

NUTEC Bickley's Thermal Oxidizers are the perfect solution to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from a kiln exhaust stream to ensure emissions meet environmental regulations.

Technical Services

NUTEC Bickley offers a wide range of services and technical assistance from our highly qualified experts, helping you save energy, avoid unexpected shutdowns, reduce maintenance costs, and more.

NUTEC Bickley serves multiple industries through the Design, Building and Installation of highly specialized Industrial Furnaces, Kilns and Ovens

Industries we serve


Using advanced technologies, NUTEC Bickley provides heat treating forging furnaces for the heating and reheating of large steel ingots, blooms and cast parts.


NUTEC Bickley supplies tunnel and shuttle kilns with the latest technology in combustion and controls to fire sanitaryware under both oxidizing and reducing atmosphere conditions.

Steel Heat Treating

NUTEC Bickley is an international leader in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative energy efficient heat treatment systems for the steel industry.


NUTEC Bickley has many years of experience on designing kilns to fire abrasive wheels, segments and special shapes.

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