Keep your systems running smoothly with our comprehensive Maintenance Solutions

NUTEC Bickley Maintenance Policies

We provide Maintenance Policies for industrial furnaces all over the world. Our commitment is to keep your combustion systems in the best possible operating condition with periodic reviews and a process of continuous improvement.

NUTEC Bickley can help you avoid operational problems like constant production stoppages due to sudden, undiagnosed failures, unsafe operation of combustion equipment, operation with obsolete equipment or systems and rapid deterioration of your systems.

Key Benefits

Scheduling of Visits

Scheduled equipment maintenance, backed up by expert advice, with visits guaranteed to take place on prearranged dates.

Preferential Pricing

Access to preferential pricing on the entire range of services provided by NUTEC Bickley.

Best Practice

Improvement and equipment best practice sessions with maintenance agreements.

No Unexpected Stoppages

Continuous and consistent production without unexpected stoppages.

Industry 4.0 Supply and Start-Up

Discount on the supply and start-up of the Industry 4.0 system for remote monitoring of furnace variables.

Technical Support Specialists

Technical support from our engineer department for any case needed.

Included Services

  • Periodic on-site visits (subject to establishing the number and date of visits)
  • Equipment evaluation, ensuring compliance with NFPA 86 standards.
  • Remote support
  • Progress reports
  • Safety tests


What do the maintenance policies consist of?

They cover the physical and functional inspection/checking of combustion components, as well as examination of the state of the furnace insulation and peripherals.

How often are maintenance inspections necessary?

We schedule a minimum of three visits per year, according to the level of the client's operation and the complexity of their furnaces.

What do I need to do to put an agreement in place?

Have a talk/conference with our qualified team to identify the needs of your particular equipment and, based on that, parameters of the agreement can be drawn up.

What equipment is not included in the maintenance policy?

Industrial equipment other than electric heating and combustion systems.

Who needs a maintenance policy?

Every customer that has a combustion system needs prompt monitoring of the condition of its components.

How long does an agreement run for?

The minimum time is one year.



NUTEC Bickley’s proprietary ECOmbustion™ system is an innovative control methodology designed to achieve fuel savings in gas-fired kilns, bringing operating costs down and reducing carbon footprint.