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NUTEC Bickley Car Bottom Furnaces

The flexibility of a car bottom furnace makes it a popular choice for processes that require the handling of large and heavy unusual parts, or multiple configurations loads.

There is a substantial advantage associated with the design of our car bottom furnaces, namely the ability to handle large / heavy parts, as the product is loaded onto the car(s) when located outside the actual furnace area; this eliminates possible damage to the furnace interiors during loading and unloading. The ability to load with an overhead crane, forklift or other methods provide options that make this type of furnace a common choice.

Our car bottom furnaces can be designed to operate at low temperature for tempering or aluminum heat treating as well as higher temperature for austenitizing, annealing or even higher temperature for reheating/forging.

Our experience in providing these furnaces is unsurpassed. With NUTEC Bickley experience, combined with the acquisition of Olson Industries, we have more than 1000 references in car bottom furnaces installations.

Forging Car Bottom Furnace

Forging Car Bottom Furnace

Homogenizing Car Bottom Furnace

Extrusion Aging Car Bottom Furnace

Extrusion Aging Car Bottom Furnace

Stress Relieving Car Bottom Furnace

Stress Relieving Car Bottom Furnace

Stress Relieving Car Bottom Furnace

Stress Relieving Car Bottom Furnace

Stress Relieving Car Bottom Furnace

Normalizing Car Bottom Furnace

Aging Double Car Bottom Furnace

Aging Double Car Bottom Furnace

Aging Car Bottom Furnace

Aging Car Bottom Furnace

Modern Design

One of the key features of our car bottom furnaces is the ability to seal the car perimeter to the inside chamber. NUTEC Bickley's designs include fibre lifting seals that are actuated by pneumatic cylinders and mechanical means that provide a good seal to minimize cold air infiltration and heat losses that might otherwise cause wear and thermal damage to the substructure.

Another critical area is the door perimeter seal which can be achieved with a variety of methods by using refractory materials that allow compression and sealing at the same time as providing a solid damage-resistant surface that will last over time. NUTEC Bickley car bottom furnaces have been refined and proven over time to feature some of the best designs in the industry.

Our experience with car bottom furnaces for processing loads from under 1,000lb (450 kg) up to 500 T (500,000kg) requires a wide engineering know-how in all aspects of heating and material handling.

General Specifications

  • Dimensions

    35 ft³ to over 24,500 ft³ (1 m³ - 700 m³)

  • Temperature

    250 to 2460°F (120 to 1350°C)

  • Standards


  • Power Source

    Natural and propane gas. Electrical configurations available

Key Differentiators

High Temperature: Up to 2,460°F (1,350°C).

Built to Last: Sturdy, heavy-duty, stable steel frame and refractory construction. Heavy-duty car refractory designs with high thermal shock resistance capacity for high temperature models.

Insulation: Fibre-lined sections using the Jointless® system with a special design to compensate for fibre shrinkage, considerably reducing maintenance over time.

AMS Compliant. Designed to comply with the latest AMS 2750, achieving a temperature tolerance capacity of up to Class 1 if necessary.

Energy Savings: Most advanced heat recovery system, saving from 10% to 70% energy versus a cold air system.

Firing: Advanced pulse firing combustion systems.

Pressure Control: Tight seal designs are available allowing excellent pressure control to optimize the use of regenerative burners.

Flexibility: Material handling options to allow for maximum furnace production, including multiple cars, doors, and load/unload equipment.

Automatization: PLC control packages to track and control all aspects of operation, including repeatability for ease of checking for uniformity. Excellent diagnostic interface for troubleshooting problems.

Versatility: These furnaces can be customized to handle multiple cars, doors at each end and additional handling features to suit specific situations that solve individual customer demands.

Heavy Duty: Capable of processing loads from under 1,000 lb (450 kg) up to 500 T (500,000kg).

Technology Offered


With our SCADA systems, kilns operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


NUTEC Bickley’s unique firing and cooling pulsing control system provides a perfect solution in relation to temperature uniformity as well as fuel efficiency.

Industries we serve

Ferrous Casting

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Maintenance Agreements

NUTEC Bickley provides Maintenance Policies for industrial furnaces all over the world. Our commitment is to keep your combustion systems in the best possible operating condition with periodic reviews and a process of continuous improvement.

Spare Parts

NUTEC Bickley provides the best Spare Parts brands for industrial furnaces, kilns and other equipment, with the highest quality components in the combustion and control areas.