Pros and cons of a custom industrial furnace or kiln

Discover the advantages of having a custom-made industrial furnace or kiln for your industry.

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Among various options, custom industrial furnaces and kilns have emerged as the preferred choice for companies seeking the highest precision in design and engineering to meet their specific needs.

In this article, we review the pros and cons of customizing your industrial furnace or kiln, how they work, and how they differ from standard furnaces.

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What are Custom Industrial Furnaces and Kilns?

Also known as ‘tailor-made’ furnaces, these are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements for particular heat treatment processes.

Unlike standard kilns and furnaces, which provide preset features, custom ones offer certain advantages, such as adjustable control systems for temperature, exposure time, cooling, pressure, etc. This leads to greater control over the final product and the quality of the heat treatment process.

Differences Between Custom and Standard Industrial Furnaces or Kilns

Both provide unique features and benefits that cater to customer needs and requirements. However, there are significant differences in design, flexibility, adaptability, and lead times. Check them out below.

Design & Production

  • Custom kilns and furnaces. Specifically designed around a certain application or product manufacturing process. 
  • Standard equipment. Being mass produced, these furnaces are created to cover a broad spectrum of general purpose applications.

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Custom furnaces and kilns. Designed according to standards and international requirements for the heat source, combustion system, components, etc.
  • Standard equipment. These furnaces carry preset features with fewer adjustment options, which limits their flexibility and adaptability compared to custom furnaces.

Delivery Times

  • Custom furnaces and kilns. Due to the nature of their design, engineering, and manufacturing process, they may require longer lead times.
  • Standard equipment. By being standardized, the delivery time is usually faster.

Equipment Performance

  • Custom furnaces and kilns. These offer superior performance due to specific design, engineering, and manufacturing process.
  • Standard equipment. Although their standardized design fits a broader spectrum of applications, they can offer reliable performance.

Tunnel kiln for ceramic production - NUTEC Bickley

Fig. 1 Tunnel kiln for ceramic production - NUTEC Bickley

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Industrial Furnace or Kiln

Each industry application calls for specific requirements, so it is essential to evaluate each of these before deciding. Considering this, we highlight production volume and the characteristics of your particular product as two main factors to keep an eye on when choosing a custom industrial furnace or kiln.

Other aspects to evaluate are as follows:

  1. Manufacturer's experience, reputation, and flexibility: ensuring that the furnace you’re interested in meets the requirements of your product and your heat treatment process is a must.
  2. Regulatory and environmental compliance: verifying that the manufacturer complies with applicable environmental rules and regulations, such as those related to emissions, safety, and handling of chemicals in furnaces, is advisable.
  3. Performance guarantees: being sure that the equipment will comply with your expectations is essential in choosing a supplier.
  4. Delivery times and deadlines: this factor is crucial if you run tight production times. 
  5. Maintenance costs: consider the associated expenses for regular maintenance, whether spare parts or the frequency.

    Pro tip: you can promptly detect potential equipment failures with a scheduled predictive maintenance procedure, which will keep your machinery running for longer, allowing greater efficiency and providing long-term cost savings. 
  6. Warranties: these can vary in duration and coverage. It is important to understand the specific terms and conditions of each provider.
  7. Technical support and after-sales service: this may include remote technical assistance, service visits, and staff training, among others.

Tech support - NUTEC Bickley

Fig. 2 Tech support - NUTEC Bickley

About NUTEC Bickley

At NUTEC Bickley, we strongly believe in the importance of customer involvement during the design, engineering, and manufacturing of our equipment, as this contributes to the success of each project.

Encouraging customer participation is something we strive for, and we are happy to have them visit our plant to witness our manufacturing process in action and to take the opportunity to check out our operators’ work in person.

With more than 45 years of experience, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom equipment for various industries. This has allowed us to remain a world leader in custom-built industrial furnaces and kilns.

We can customize furnace size, heat source, control system components, technology, production, and maintenance reports, among other features.

In addition, we have accreditations such as ISO 9001:2015, among others, demonstrating our commitment to the highest quality standards.

In Conclusion

An industrial furnace or kiln offers considerable advantages, such as precise adaptation to your business requirements, improved operational efficiency, and flexibility during heat treatment processes. 

However, assessing potential drawbacks, such as increased manufacturing and delivery times associated with customization, is advisable.

Likewise, we recommend that you thoroughly evaluate the needs and objectives of your product and/or process before making a significant investment decision for your company.

Looking to request a quote for a customized industrial furnace or kiln? Contact our NUTEC Bickley specialists to find the most suitable option.

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