Furnace Pressure Control with Specialized Dampers

Often when our customers report problems with temperature uniformity or high fuel consumption, we can pinpoint a mismatch in their combustion equipment as a possible cause.

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3 minutes

Often when our customers report problems with temperature uniformity or high fuel consumption, we can pinpoint a mismatch in their combustion equipment as a possible cause.

However, the issues are very often related to the furnace’s internal pressure – something that is usually easier to address in order to solve this problem.

With regard to this topic, we’d like to point up the importance of using internal pressure dampers to regulate this variable in your furnace operation.

Internal pressure dampers for precise control

These specialized dampers are components similar to a large-sized valve and are used to control the entry/exit of gases in an industrial furnace, allowing precise handling of internal pressure in order to:

  • Maintain a specific pressure, normally neutral or slightly positive (although in some cases negative pressure is called for)
  • Avoid air infiltration in different areas of the furnace, as this may cause problems with temperature uniformity and also lead to unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Prevent high pressure: this creates heat leaks that are harmful to equipment and that are dangerous to the safety of personnel

These components provide great benefits such as:

  • Greater temperature uniformity
  • Fuel savings
  • Preventing equipment damage due to overpressure
  • Improved safety levels for personnel and operators

While the use of dampers is one of the most popular, economic and practical ways to control furnace pressure, there are also alternatives such as:

  • Use of air curtains
  • Forced ventilation fans using a frequency inverter, which modifies the volume of gases extracted from the furnace

We recommend their use when there are no extractors. However, it is not otherwise necessary to duplicate this function and only one frequency inverter needs to be added in order to control the pressure.

Get the best technology with NUTEC Bickley

At NUTEC Bickley we manufacture louver design customized dampers with small fins, which allows us to use a low torque motor.

We use different materials in their manufacture, depending on the temperature of our clients’ processes:

  1. At temperatures below 400°C–500°C (750°F–930°F), we use steel materials, similar to those used by other suppliers in the industry.
  2. At elevated temperatures, from 800°C to 1500°C (1470°F–2730°F), we differentiate ourselves with our ceramic based damper systems:

  • Manufactured from a combination of silicon carbide and high alumina
  • Exhibiting excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Reduced maintenance requirements

At NUTEC Bickley we are constantly working on the development of new technologies that allow us to optimize costs, fuel consumption, etc. Find out more about our exclusive systems by contacting our sales department.

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