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NUTEC Bickley Box Furnaces

NUTEC Bickley's box furnaces are ideal for intermittent or batch processes where the product is front loaded directly into the furnace with the help of a forklift/handling gear. Available with single or multiple door systems, which can be vertically operated or swing type.

The process of lifting or opening the door can be assisted in several ways: pneumatic, hydraulic, or with a gearmotor. We can also design manually operated doors.

The offering range of box furnaces at NUTEC Bickley provides a line of heavy-duty forging furnaces, with capacities ranging from 30ft³ (0.85m³) to more than 3,500ft³ (100m³).

Heat Treating Box Furnace for Castings

Heat Treating Box Furnace for Castings

Heat Treating Box Furnace for Castings

Heating Box Furnace for Forging

Heating Box Furnace for Forging

Heating Box Furnace for Castings

Heating Box Furnace for Forging

Heating Box Furnace for Forging

Heat Treating Box Furnace for Forging

General Specifications

  • Dimensions

    35 ft³ to over 8,500 ft³ (1 m³ - 225 m³)

  • Standards


  • Power Source

    Natural and propane gas. Electrical configurations available

Key Differentiators

AMS: Designed to comply with the latest AMS 2750, achieving a temperature tolerance capacity of up to Class 1 if necessary.

Firing: Pulse firing combustion systems available.

Efficiency: Available in tight seal designs that allow excellent pressure control to optimize the use of regenerative burners.

Built to Last: Heavy-duty stable steel frame and refractory construction for high temperature units and convection, ceramic fiber lined for aluminum heat treating units.

Energy Savings: Available with advanced heat recovery system that saves 10% to 70% energy compared to a cold air system.

Technology Offered


With our SCADA systems, kilns operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


NUTEC Bickley’s unique firing and cooling pulsing control system provides a perfect solution in relation to temperature uniformity as well as fuel efficiency.

Industries we serve

Ferrous Casting

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Maintenance Policies

NUTEC Bickley provides Maintenance Policies for industrial furnaces all over the world. Our commitment is to keep your combustion systems in the best possible operating condition with periodic reviews and a process of continuous improvement.

Spare Parts

NUTEC Bickley provides the best Spare Parts brands for industrial furnaces, kilns and other equipment, with the highest quality components in the combustion and control areas.