Most efficient Heat Recovery System in the market

Reduce your carbon footprint with ECOmbustion™

NUTEC Bickley’s ECO mbustion™ system is an innovative control methodology designed to achieve fuel savings in gas-fired kilns. Internal recuperation reduces the amounts of cold air introduced into the kiln, thus reducing fuel consumption.

Traditional heat recuperation systems outside the kiln are more expensive and less efficient. NUTEC Bickley’s ECO mbustion™ technology is the ideal choice for reducing fuel consumption, thus bringing operating costs down and reducing your carbon footprint.

Key Features

Fuel Savings. Guaranteed fuel savings between 20% and 35% compared to other systems on the market (these savings could be greater for higher temperature kilns)

Minimum Investment. Typical return on investment of less than one year

No Downtime. Requires mInimal modification of the tunnel kiln system

Environmentally friendly. Uses less fuel and emits lower volume of flue gas into the atmosphere

Efficiency. The best efficiency in heat recovery systems available on the market

ECOmbustion™ for Shuttle Kilns

NUTEC Bickley’s ECOmbustion™ for Shuttle Kilns also reduces the amount of ambient air introduced into a kiln by a careful, PLC-controlled balance of oxygen monitoring and control; pressure control; pulse firing; and burner optimization.

The oxygen control ensures that only the required amount of excess air is introduced as this would need to be heated to kiln temperature, thus increasing fuel consumption.

The careful control of pressure using our linear pressure control damper reduces the amount of hot air escaping through the exhaust but ensuring that kiln pressure is not excessive as this could cause kiln car damage.

Pulse firing ensures that when the burners are on, they work at optimized gas/air ratios. The flame velocity is also higher than with modulating systems, so heat distribution and temperature uniformity are improved. NOx levels can also be reduced using the ECOmbustion™ system combined with correct burner choices.

The ECOmbustion™ system offers several operating modes to allow the kiln manager to fine tune a cycle to exactly match the product firing requirements and give the best kiln performance.

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