Kiln energy and fuel savings using self-recuperative burners

In this interview with Alberto Cantú -VP, Combustion, Control & Services at NUTEC Bickley – we discuss the operation and advantages of one of the energy recovery systems (ERS): self-recuperative burners. 

By Alberto Cantú
VP, Combustion, Control & Services – NUTEC Bickley


2 minutes

Self-recuperative Burners

2 minutes

In this interview with Alberto Cantú – VP, Combustion, Control & Services at NUTEC Bickley –, we discuss the operation and advantages of one of the energy recovery systems (ERS): self-recuperative burners. Discover more about this solution and how it can help maximize your fuel inputs.

Why have an energy recovery system in your kiln?

In generating process heat via the use of burners, kilns lose a proportion of energy as waste heat through the flue. This heat could be used in other processes if you had the appropriate technology that could capture it and redirect it effectively.

What do self-recuperative burners do?

These burners make use of the energy normally expelled to atmosphere via the flue and they reuse it to preheat combustion air.

The air used in this process is normally at around ambient temperature (30°C/85°F) and needs to be heated to temperatures up to 1700°C (3090°F), depending on the application. With the recuperated energy we are able to preheat the air to temperatures up to 400°C to 500°C (750°F to 930°F), delivering up to 45% in fuel savings.

What are the applications for our self-recuperative burners?

1. They are suitable for both ceramics and metals treatment

2. They can be employed in any kiln that operates at temperatures in excess of 800°C (1470°F)

3. Self-recuperative burners are used in:

  • Fiber-lined kilns
  • Tunnel kilns
  • Continuous or shuttle kilns
  • Kilns with pulse firing burner control

What advantages do we see with this type of burner?

  • Preheated air can be produced in the same burner
  • Eliminates the need for a central heat recuperator in the flue
  • Fuel savings of up to 45%
  • Lower costs and need for maintenance
  • Available for different fuel types
  • High-velocity gas flow improves temperature uniformity, product quality and the efficiency of the system

At NUTEC Bickley we are experts in the development of technologies aimed at improving operational performance in all sorts of industries. We offer a wide range of systems and kilns, customized according to our clients’ needs.

Contact our advice team and tell us about your next project, so that working together we can find the best way to optimize your operation using our energy recovery solutions.

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