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NUTEC Bickley at the foundry, technical ceramics and forging industry expos

Learn about NUTEC Bickley's experience during the latest Metalcasting Congress, Ceramics Expo and Forge Fair editions.

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Foundry Industry- Metalcasting Congress, Ceramics Expo & Forge Fair

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During April and May 2023, NUTEC Bickley presented its projects and technologies at the leading Foundry and Technical Ceramic industry forums: Metalcasting Congress, Ceramics Expo 2023 & Forge Fair.

Below we share with you our team's experience at these events.

Foundry industry gathers in The Forest City

At the end of April, NUTEC Bickley spent three days in Cleveland, with a booth at Metalcasting Congress 2023. 

This event, organized by the American Foundry Society, is one of the industry’s leading forums in North America, drawing qualified professionals from every corner of the marketplace, as well as attracting delegates from other businesses within the manufacturing supply chain.

On the booth with all the very latest news about our recent and current furnace projects was Francois Desjardins, USA/Canada Sales Manager for the metals sector.

NUTEC Bickley at Metalcasting Congress 2023

Fig. 1 NUTEC Bickley at Metalcasting Congress 2023

Francois commented: "This year’s Metalcasting Congress drew in a good number of attendees, which suggests that the foundry sector is healthy and looking for solutions to improve its processes. We could see that decision makers from across the metalcasting industry were taking the opportunity to walk the exhibit floor and stop by with exhibitors to discuss a range of topics. This event was a success for NUTEC Bickley – in addition to seeing current customers, we made contact with some potentials for future business and came away with encouraging opportunities for project collaboration."

Huntington Convention Center

Fig. 2 Huntington Convention Center

Presenting to the world of technical ceramics

At the beginning of May, NUTEC Bickley participated in Ceramics Expo 2023 in Novi, MI, USA. This expo, which was the eighth in the series, is billed as North America's premier event for the technical ceramics and glass supply chains. 

It is an opportunity for visitors from across these industries to stay up to date with the latest innovations, trends, and challenges. There is also an extensive conference programme alongside the exhibits.

Representing the company on our booth this year were Alberto Cantú (VP, Ceramics BU), José Pablo Sánchez (Sales Operations Manager), and John Steele (US/Canada Sales).

NUTEC Bickley at Ceramics Expo 2023

Fig. 3 NUTEC Bickley at Ceramics Expo 2023

NUTEC Bickley has completed, or is in the progress of completing, a number of significant projects for customers involved in ceramic manufacturing, often requiring highly specialized designs.

"The expo, in all honesty, was a little quieter this year for some reason," commented Alberto Cantú, "but we certainly took the opportunity to demonstrate all our many capabilities in the field of ceramics, including those vital technologies we employ to satisfy demands relating to energy efficiency, environmental best practice, high levels of customer service, and flexible project management."

José Pablo Sánchez added: "We were also well positioned to have some detailed conversations with a few companies that we know have exciting projects in the pipeline, and to catch up with their plans for expansion."

Forging closer relationships

At the end of May, we headed back to Cleveland’s Huntington Convention Center for the latest FIA event. Forge Fair is said to be North America’s largest event dedicated exclusively to the forging industry, attracting professionals and key decision-makers worldwide – usually around 2,000 across three days.

NUTEC Bickley at Forge Fair 2023

Fig. 4 NUTEC Bickley at Forge Fair 2023

Present at the NUTEC Bickley booth were Rodrigo González (VP, Metals BU) and Francois Desjardins (USA/Canada Sales Manager). "The Forge Fair conference drew in a good number of attendees for the presentations and exhibit floor," commented Francois. "We met our important existing customers from this sector and were able to make contact with new potential ones. We came away with a few fresh opportunities and consolidated our relationship with some existing customers."

If you wish to find out at which future events NUTEC Bickley will be present, visit our Newsroom!

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