Energy recovery system for top efficiency – ecombustion

Discover this innovative energy recovery system and control technology for gas kilns developed by NUTEC Bickley.

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ecombustion energy recovery system

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With ever-rising fuel costs and concern for the environment, companies need to find alternatives and technologies that allow them to reduce their carbon footprint without affecting the output of their kilns.

At NUTEC Bickley, we are committed to offering innovative solutions to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

In this article, we present mbustion, our latest energy optimization technology that delivers significant cost savings in gas kilns.

Read on if you are interested in how this technology works, its benefits, and the processes needed for its implementation.

What is an energy recovery system?

An energy recovery system, also known as a fuel-saving system, uses the residual heat generated in kiln processes to preheat the combustion air instead of relying on exterior air.

In the industry, different heat recovery types help optimize energy resources, such as recuperative burners, regenerative burners, and central heaters. These use a heat exchanger to preheat a stream of cold air with a stream of warm air.

However, these traditional systems implemented outside the kiln tend to become less efficient and more expensive over time due to the limitation of the maximum temperature they can withstand and the waste heat they can use.

How does mbustion work?

mbustion is an innovative control technology designed to achieve fuel savings in gas kilns. This system uses an algorithm that simultaneously monitors critical variables to optimize energy use.

With this heat recovery system, it is possible to reduce fuel consumption, which translates into lower operating costs and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

The special algorithm is responsible for adjusting the air and fuel flows inside the kiln for it to work correctly while supervising two main safety parameters simultaneously: the temperature and oxygen levels.

  • Temperature level. This must be above the autoignition temperature, the minimum at which the fuel in contact with air can ignite without needing an external heat source. The temperature required for mbustion is over 1400°F (760°C) in a natural gas system.
  • Oxygen level. This must be set so the kiln is guaranteed to have the necessary amount of oxygen to burn. This may vary depending on the fuel type, kiln conditions, airflow, and temperature, among other factors.

Side part of NUTEC Bickley’s Tunnel Kiln

Fig. 1 NUTEC Bickley’s Tunnel Kiln

Benefits of Energy Recovery with mbustion

Among the key features of this technology, we can highlight the following:

  • High level of savings. mbustion guarantees fuel savings of between 20% and 35% in continuous kilns and between 10% and 20% in shuttle kilns.
  • Minimum capital investment. As a control technology, acquiring new equipment or making relevant changes is unnecessary.
  • No downtime. This technology can be added to kilns that don't have it with only minimal system modifications.
  • Environmentally friendly. It uses less fuel and emits a smaller volume of combustion gases into the atmosphere.

Catch up with a success story featuring one of our clients which benefited from significant fuel savings by acquiring an ecombustion system.

Implementation times

Implementation deadlines for this heat recovery system in kilns can be highly variable and depend on the characteristics of each piece of equipment.

mbustion is a technology that you can find already available in the kilns designed and manufactured at NUTEC Bickley. However, it can also be integrated into existing tunnel or shuttle kilns since this entails little intervention in the system.

If the kiln already has a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), additional thermocouples (sensors to measure temperature), an oxygen analyzer, or other necessary instruments, the deployment could be done quickly without requiring equipment downtime.

However, if it is necessary to incorporate more instruments, the installation time may be longer. Either way, this system represents an attractive option for those who do not have it, improving their energy efficiency without representing a hefty investment.

Front of NUTEC Bickley’s Tunnel Kiln

Fig. 2 NUTEC Bickley’s Tunnel Kiln

About NUTEC Bickley

NUTEC Bickley is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing kilns and combustion systems.

We have an important alliance with Fives North American, a company with which we have been partners for over 40 years. We are currently exclusive distributors of its combustion and control equipment in Mexico for markets such as steel, aluminum, and glass, among others.

This long relationship has allowed us to create strategic alliances to use high quality equipment that works optimally with systems such as mbustion in various projects.

Our experience and knowledge, backed by the quality of Fives North American equipment, allow us to offer our customers state-of-the-art energy recovery solutions.

In conclusion

Suppose you want to save fuel and significantly reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions without migrating to electric kilns or drastically changing your current equipment. In that case, mbustion is a viable alternative with minimal investment.

Contact us today and start benefiting from this energy recovery system for your kilns.

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